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Evaporation Test

Before calling in the professionals we advise doing a simple evaporation test first. Following these few simple steps you can check if your pool has any leaks.


Place a bucket of water on a step in your pool. By placing the bucket in the pool water this allows for the water to be the same temperature in each.

Mark the water level inside the bucket as well as the pools water level on outside of bucket. Leave bucket in pool for a maximum of 1 day – and then new water levels are checked and marked. Do not weigh the bucket down with a brick as this will absorb the water.

Any change in the water levels inside the bucket account for evaporation. If the change in water level on the outside of the bucket is greater – then this is an indication that your pool/spa is leaking.
Evaporation Test

What Else Should I Know?

To determine if the leak is within a pipe or within the pool structure, carry out the evaporation test twice – once with the system shut off (that is no filter operating) and secondly with the system running for an extended period of time.

You may end up with one of two possible results;

1. No difference between tests indicates possible structural leak.
2. Higher loss with system running indicates probable pressure pipe leak.

If you find that your pool filtration pump is not priming (i.e. not full of water or massive air bubbles) this may indicate a suction leak or blockage. If not attended to this could result in burning your pump out. A suction leak may not cause loss of water out of your pool as it is drawing air, but it can cause obvious damage.

Pool Losing Water?

Able Leak Detection is happy to answer your queries over the phone. For a more thorough assessment, we can come and inspect your pool or spa.

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